Q post tipping hat to the assemblies!

PEOPLE have POWER.<---- This is the founding basis of freedom and the will of the people.
Don't forget how to PLAY.<---- This is duplicating history and resettling our original jurisdiction.
TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG.<----- This is the people in assembly as a body politic.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Enoch And The Lie About Angels

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  1. Your assuming there was no deceit in the presentation of who "the Lord" is....
    The trick is ever so slight as to catch all of you who cannot see.
    They have tricked you into thinking "the Lord" of the bible is the One Triune God - he is NOT. It is Satan - that's the big trick I and you fell for... There are many LORDS and many ANGELS and the son of man is NOT God Jesus Christ but Satan himself dressed in the name of jesus to trick you! Good luck with this. Peace.