Looks like Alabama has just crashed and burned!

Due to Alabama Election fraud

A Democrat got in!
Say a prayer for the people on Alabama.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017




  1. WoW. Ya know my brain is just now clamming down from the understanding I got about boys and girls town pedo rings and the framing of those children trying to get help and then used farther on in life to do more damage for those criminals. Seeing people being killed before they testify on the crimes going on in the fraud Gov we have. Vatican pedo etc. Does anyone feel like they are living in Dantes in Ferno. I also realized every older person seeing this is struggling too. I don't consent to this S-T. If this is what our world has been what do ya think the NWO will be. They could have done so much good and still enjoyed there rich lives. They did not have to rape the planet and leave it to die! This is so huge in criminality I turn my back in overwhelming discust. I made mistakes but I learned and did not do it again. I tried to be a better person and said I am sorry. Even if the trespass was really bad.I forgive you but you can not keep going on with this now. WE SEE!!! WE UNDERSTAND!!! REMOVE yourselves from our sight forever. Would you trust a murderer in your face when you see and they didn't know you saw? Also while they steel your birth right and claim ya dead at sea. You don't see that and you are dead while we work and build lives. This is insane. I wouldn't post this most may have mental shut down as I have. All is out there to see. I didn't wright it and its in your face now. I a thinker and thinking I am doing as well as watching. SET US FREE!! I will not give you the power of hate. I reject you!

    1. I will forgive when they repent according to the Bible!