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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Strange incident report - has anyone else seen or heard about this?

Strange incident report, an account by one of our readers of spraying
Anyone else noticed this being done?  
Anyone care to comment? 


My inlaws live in the country in WV.  

Yesterday the power company was caught spraying their hay field that is located beside their home and was also caught spraying their hayfield on their farm which is about 1/4 mile from their home. 

They said they were spraying for weeds. 

It is odd because last year the power company cut brush in the same area by helicopters. 

Has anyone else had this problem? 

Does anyone know what is being sprayed? 

Could this be a replacement for the chem trails? 

Please let me know if anyone could tell me anything about this. 

Also, the men that were spraying were Hispanic, and WV has a huge problem with the Mexican cartel. 


Any feedback in the comment section below will be appreciated. 

Thank you!


  1. I have no idea but I would guess it would probably be whatever GMO soup they spray from Monsanto to make your crops not grow unless you have their seeds. Obviously the excuse of spraying for weeds is very ridiculous. This is how they operate because they think people are dumb. Possibly Monsanto using organized crime rings to do their bidding. Seems like it would definitely be a criminal action. I heard of this exact thing happening somewhere online but can't remember where.

  2. close your eyes and go back to sleep. our new hereditary head of state authorized it or it would not be happening. the blue bloods saved us again.

    1. Why the 'sour grapes' 1:45 pm?
      Who does mud slinging at Mr. Belcher benefit?

      I haven't come across your website, unraveling
      and explaining the truths behind the well
      fabricated fraud underpinning this nation's history.

      How about being grateful for the magnitude of effort
      put forth by judge anna and her husband?

  3. Have the hay tested to see what was sprayed on it, and if it is toxic to horses, cattle, etc. and sue the power company if they ruined your fodder and polluted your land! I saw where they came and cut some trees away from the power lines, and then sprayed a bunch of producing wild blueberry plants that were located on the property... little bitty plants that only grow about 2 foot high. I think they used something like agent orange, but not sure... none of the weed killers work any more because the plants have all become tolerant to it and built up defenses against them. It may be warfare on the food supplies.... they must be stopped.

    1. do you know of a place I could take a sample that would be honest? My brother in law said that only the woman could speak English. I think they were paid illegals, part of the lefts army. I do think they are trying to wipe out our food supply Please spread this and tell people to watch power co trucks

    2. Sidnee 6:52 PM - Don't know of a specific lab but you could try contacting The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, at At one time he was putting in a lab for testing and may be able to refer you to the appropriate source. Good luck! If you do come across the 'right' source, you might consider posting here in comments for others to also use the lab. Good luck!

  4. .Today, Saturday, the 8th, Chem trails were seen here, early, over Fort Worth,Texas.

  5. In our state there are planes everywhere spraying the crops,
    during the summer months.
    It kills insects and weeds with herbicides & pesticides.
    Called crop dusters. They don't leave a chemtrail.
    Make sure we are inside, with all the windows closed.
    We also dont eat their crap.

  6. I live in Hampshire county WV and I have not seen anything like this YET. I will keep my eyes open. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. I live in the Northern Tip. We have land with a powerline right of way. Before there is any spraying the Power co. sends a letter of day and time of spraying. We also have the option of saying NO SPRAYING! I would be Very Concerned!..